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Word Espress provides word solutions to your organisation ranging from editorial, advertorial, feature writing services, and more. At Word Espress, words are enjoyed, not mindlessly written. I have written for leading Malaysian newspapers and magazines as well as established corporate clients.

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Miscommunication kills a relationship,
and sometimes, a business transaction.

So also in a piece of translated work. Online translation engines just don't cut it. You know you're in trouble when 'sebuah kereta' turns into 'a fruit car'.

Having been trained in English-Malay-English translation in my college days, I have colloquial fluency in Bahasa Malaysia thanks to days of reading myself to sleep as a child in Pak Pandir, Pak Kaduk, Mat Jenin, and Puteri Santubong stories.

If your subject matter is technical, not to worry. My translation portfolio includes even an engineering piece, so you can be sure you are in good hands.

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But what good is a great piece of writing without the prying eyes of a careful editor?

Messy formatting, non-standard punctuations, American and British English mismatches, and oh, the list is endless - I know them all and ache with you. My editing experience includes being an Editor in Marshall Cavendish Malaysia for over two years working with 20-30 books within my stint there, on top of my current book editing/proofreading work with many established publishers.

If you have a piece of writing in your hands that requires proofreading or editing, you have come to the right place. Let me refine your cuppa.

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