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Most of my published works showcased here are media work, and do not represent the bulk of my work. If you're interested to explore other forms of writing not shown here, check out the services I offer or buzz me here.

This page was last updated in September 2014.

The AirAsia Story 2

The first book written and researched extensively by Pei Ling under Word Espress and commissioned by Kanyin Publications. The book explores AirAsia’s journey from 2008-2014 and how its business model continues to thrive till today. Some highlights include its earlier plans in Jakarta in “Why Jakarta?”, feature stories on its young CEOs, and the impending Open Skies Agreement. The book is available in all major bookstores nationwide and selected bookstores in Singapore.

The Italian Taste in Interiors

An up-close and personal interview with renowned Italian architect and interior designer Enrico G. Cleva for Furnish Now June 2014 issue, the official magazine of the Malaysian International Furniture Fair.

Potential MatrixTM

Involved with proofreading the entire Potential MatrixTM manuscript written by sought-after international speaker, trainer and youth icon, Michael Teoh & Canadian Geographic-featured branding expert Ian Chew.

Chetan Bhagat – An Icon of Change

Chetan Bhagat is more than a household name in India with 6 bestselling novels adapted into major Bollywood films. He was named Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World" in 2010. Find out more about him in this issue of Top 10 of Asia.

President's Corner for IEM

Writing the President's Corner on behalf of the current IEM President Y. Bhg. Dato' Lim Chow Hock, for 'Jurutera', IEM's monthly bulletin. 'IEM' stands for the Institution of Engineers Malaysia.

Top 10 Interior Designing Wizards

A survey of the Top 10 Interior Design Firms in Malaysia, featured in the Top 10 of Malaysia magazine.

MIFF 2014 Show Daily

Writer/On-site reporter for Furnish Now, the show daily of Malaysian International Furniture Fair 2014.


Furnish Now December 2013 issue.

Keep Investment Simple & Stupid

Involved with proofreading the entire book by popular wealth coach Jonathan Quek and market strategist Benny Lee on keeping investment simple.

Merchants of Laughter

Laughing is serious business. The Top 10 Comedians of Asia testify to the amount of blood, sweat and rotten tomatoes they have experienced before making it big.

We Eat, Snap, Travel (W.E.S.T)

Conceptualising and rewriting copy for this Singapore food and travel website.

Achieve Post-MIFF Business Success

Published in the Malaysian International Furniture Fair official Magazine Furnish Now, this story is a special report that looks at the important factors which contribute to post-MIFF business success.

One in a Million

Popular Malaysian Idol and One in a Million reality show judge Paul Moss shares about his early days in the Malaysian music industry.

Girl Power

The female contestants of the MIFF Furniture Design Competition 2013 swept all the top prizes during the award-giving ceremony at MIFF 2013.

Who Am I? The Missing Malaysian Identity

Internationally-acclaimed German furniture designer Klaus Kummer speaks at MIFF 2013 about the missing Malaysian identity in the furniture industry.

Tying the Knot

Interview with national cyclist Josiah Ng with his sweetheart Kim Ong before their wedding in 2009.

Capping His Profits

Top Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow speaks about his future plans beyond being the top rapper in Malaysia.

On the Heel of Success

Exclusive interview with premiere couture footwear Rockin' Reptile Founder and Owner Shan Tan on her runway success and her journey towards success.

Passion for Fashion

Tongue in Chic Founder and Editor (then) Joyce Wong speaks about her passion for fashion and how it led her to kickstart Malaysia's first ever online fashion touch base.

A Professor at 19

Exclusive interview with World's Youngest Professor Alia Sabur who visited Malaysia from the US.

Between Books and Pageants

Exclusive interview with Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 Levy Li where she shares how she juggles her studies as an undergraduate with her pageant fame and beyond.

Internet Millionaire Mindset 2

Involved with proofreading the entire 378pp book by Derric Chew on how to succeed in your online business with the right business strategies.

A Passion for Photographs

Exclusive interview with then-student-photographer-cum-blogger Szetoo Weiwen about her photoblogging. Today, Szetoo is a sought-after photographer and writer with various publications. Currently, she is General Manager of The Centre for Asian Photographers.

Minlon Group website

Conceptualising and writing content for Minlon Group's revamped website that features four of its subsidiaries: Macy Home Furnishings, Macsk Design, Minlon Land and Macy Realty.

Zewt - Thinking Blogger

Exclusive interview with Zewt, a popular "thinking blogger" who blogs about life, issues and taxes!

Junior Bookworm

Exclusive interview with Jayaram Nagaraj, popularly known as DJ Junior (Hitz FM) about his passion for reading and his favourite books.

Time to Read

Exclusive interview with actor, emcee, writer and voiceover talent Davina Goh over her favourite books and her reading hobby.

Drop In 'Cos It's Hot

Discover 'Drop Zone', a drop-in centre for youths in Petaling Jaya Old Town by Shelter, a welfare organisation.

Gooment website

Conceptualising and writing content for Gooment, a chic children fashion store.

Bread and Books

Young baker Shalom Simon shares with us his passion for baking and reading, including reading in between oven moments!

Envelopes Full of Luv

Exclusive interview with innovative start-up, Enveluv, a free physical greeting cards postal service - the first of such in Malaysia.

All Bottled Up

Meet Waiyee, who dons tonnes of water containers for fashion purposes (yes!).

Girls' Problems

Meet the cast of Kisah Kaisara, and hear them share about the show and their roles. The cast includes Sari Yanti and Norman Hakim.

Music Review: Raul Midon

My first music review of Raul Midon's album, A World Within a World, a beautiful blend of lyrical intellectuality with jazz, blues, R&B and folk.

Penilaian Akhir Tahun SJK(C)

Writing the English test papers for this compilation of BM, English, Mathematics and Chinese test papers for Year 3.