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The hardest question to answer is always, "So what do you write about?"

Well, the thing is, I write about (and edit) absolutely everything. Before you shun me as being a generic, unspecialised writer, I hope you'd take a look at my portfolio.

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... but what good is a great piece of writing without the prying eyes of a careful editor?

Messy formatting, non-standard punctuations, American and British English mismatches, and oh, the list is endless - I know them all and ache with you.

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Miscommunication kills a relationship, and sometimes, a business transaction.

So also in a piece of translated work. Online translation engines just don't cut it. You know you're in trouble when 'sebuah kereta' turns into 'a fruit car'.

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What Others Are Saying

       Pei Ling, our chief editor, tirelessly pushed the book to a whole new level with her late-night edits and rewrites, especially for the feature stories of our Top 40 under 35 Global Achievers. Without Pei Ling, there will be no Potential Matrix ™ book to speak of. Her dedication, efficiency and humor as our editor will be fondly remembered!

Ian Chew - Co-author of Potential Matrix (TM), CBC/Canadian Geographic featured Branding Expert